February 6-12, 2021

Dear Parents,

We’re wrapping up our series titled HABITS.

These six conversations have given our 5th-8th graders a chance to look at some important, helpful patterns to develop in their lives: hanging out with Jesus, attending church, being generous, investing in healthy friendships, telling their story, and serving others—the topic for our final session.

We are looking at John 13:11-15, just after Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.

This was a powerful example of what it means to be his followers.

As we follow Jesus, we can remember that serving others is a way of imitating him.

When we serve, we don’t do it because we feel guilty or obligated—we serve because Jesus served, because we love other people, and because we want to represent Jesus well in this world.

Keep the conversation going at home this week. Consider fueling your discussion with these questions:

  • What have you learned from Jesus’ example of servanthood?

  • When serving others, what does a “good attitude” look like?

  • How has serving other people drawn you closer to Jesus?

  • What are some ways our family can serve others?

Thanks for all your prayers for our ministry. Have a spectacular week!


p.s. How’s the “Hanging out with Jesus” going? Remember we have Bible reading resources here. It’s not about being perfect at the habit. It’s about spending time with the person – JESUS!

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