Starting Point 5678

Starting Point 5678

We offer a class to help students in grades 5-8 learn how to become a Christian. 

This class is for 5th-8th graders and at least one parent.  No preparation is needed. And we have a short and simple registration form to make sure we know who we are looking for each month. We’ll talk through the basics of following Jesus and give you and your preteen/young teen the information you need to make a decision together about whether or not he/she is ready to make that decision and be baptized.

Then, we’ll take time to talk through the practical side of when to get baptized, what to bring, who should perform the baptism, etc.  Our goal is to answer questions and make sure your child has all the information they need to make a decision and be prepared for the baptism.  Then, when you as parents believe your child is ready, you contact me and we schedule the baptism.

We are offering three options for families for the 5th-8th grade Starting Point right now. You can join us in person at the Student Ministries Center for a social-distanced, in-person meeting. You can also set up a virtual meeting over Zoom. And you can use our on-demand option through our YouTube channel.

No matter which method you prefer, register using the link below and let us know your preteen/young teen are interested!

Check out our on-demand option on our YouTube channel here: