January 30-February 5, 2021

Dear Parents,

We’re continuing our series this weekend titled HABITS.

In this fifth lesson, we will be reading and studying 1 Peter 3:15-16, where Peter encourages followers of Jesus to be ready to share their faith story with other people.

Our preteens and young teens will be given a chance to “practice” sharing their own stories and they will talk about the importance of being honest and respectful when telling others about Jesus.

This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your preteen or young teen about our lesson.

We recognize that in our group we have a variety of students, from those who are going to be in high school soon to those who are still in elementary school.

And we have those who are new to church and Jesus and those who have grown up knowing about Jesus their whole life.

One of the reasons this age group is so special is that they are at a point where they are starting to own their faith – whatever that is.

They are no longer just repeating or claiming what they have seen and heard from their parents.

They are now wrestling with what they personally believe.

Because of these factors, our teaching will recognize that we won’t all be at the same place in the story of our life with Jesus.

So we’re simply encouraging students to be able to share honestly and respectfully where they are.

And then we’re letting them know that this is a great time to talk with you, their Small Group Leader, myself, and/or another trusted adult about their questions and what it means to follow Jesus.

We will be hosting a Starting Point session Thursday, February 4 from 7-8pm. If you want to register, use this simple form.

We will also give you the option to let us know if you’d prefer to participate in a virtual session using Zoom. We’ll schedule that once we see who is interested.

And we’re working on an on-demand version of Starting Point that you can watch and discuss with your preteen or young teen at your convenience.

We encourage you to talk with your preteen or young teen about this experience in our service and how they would share their story.

Our goal was for them to do it in two minutes or less, and then be ready to explain more if the person asks.


p.s. How’s the “Hanging out with Jesus” going? Remember we have Bible reading resources here. It’s not about being perfect at the habit. It’s about spending time with the person – JESUS!

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