the Bible

We’re helping students answer three big questions about the Bible.

Good Things

In this 4-week series, we’ll hear the Christmas story from the perspective of the prophets in the Old Testament, who foretold and then waited for the good things God had in store.

Back to the Future

In this 4-week series, we’ll discover that Jesus’ mission was to set people free and rebuild what has been destroyed — and we can join Him on that mission, in part, by doing justice and remembering all God has done.

Battle Gear

This series focuses on spiritual warfare – teaching us how to be equipped for this challenge from Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus (the “book” of Ephesians).

All In

In this series we are challenged to be giving all that we have to God, being fully devoted to Jesus.


In this series we look at the concept of “undefeated” and how Jesus defeated separation, sin and death.