March-April 2022 – Kingdom Work

This four part series provide interactive trainings that help students know about Kingdom work, go do Kingdom work, and show the difference it makes.

Each week we’ll use three movements to lead students from listening to a lesson to engaging in Kingdom work.

Every week we will finish with a personalized Kingdom Worker Challenge for students to go and do during the week.

We’ll start weeks 2-4 by sharing testimonies and stories from completing the challenges.

(Remember that we release our teaching videos and other content on our YouTube channel. So even if your 5th-8th grader can’t be here in person, he/she can still stay connected. You can even subscribe or turn on alerts so you know when each video comes out! Check it out: )

Parent Cue

Each week, we’ll provide links in the Parent Email for you to watch the animated principle video, the lesson video, and the Kingdom Worker story video. After service on Sunday, we’ll share through email and social media the Kingdom Worker challenge for the week. Ask your student about the lesson and the challenge. If they miss a service, use your links to show them the videos and to give them the challenge.

Here’s how that breaks down over the next few weeks:

March 6 – Week 1 – Church is Vital


The people of God have been gathering together since the very beginning. Jesus believed in the church and called it His bride. He loves the church, and as His followers we’re called to love the church as well.

This doesn’t mean we have to be okay with the way the church is broken or the way the church has caused harm. But we are to do our part in helping it advance instead of giving up on it. The church is a powerful entity when it is focused on the right things. Don’t give up on it.

The church, the community of God’s people, is the hope of the world.


  • John 17:20-23 (Jesus’ prayer for the unity of those who believe and for this unity to be what reveals God to the World)
  • 1 Corinthians 12:7-31 (One Body, Many Parts)
  • The Church shows God to the world through her unity. How we love and care for one another is a testimony to the world of who God is and what He has done for us in Jesus.

Church…Student Outcomes

  • Seeing the church as the bride of Christ and the way He has chosen to share His Good News with the world and loving her because of that.
  • Understanding that Jesus intended for Kingdom work to happen through the local church.
    • Students should have a personal stake in Jesus’ mission for their local church through involvement, service, and discipleship.
    • They should also look to the church as a source of community and support.

March 13 – Week 2 – People are Beautiful and Broken


The image of God is a beautiful thing and it resides in all people. Unfortunately, we as people are broken and so are the places we live in. But there are glimpses of God and His nature in every person we encounter and everywhere we go.

It’s important that we keep a sense of objectivity when we’re loving other people and also thinking about our own lives. No person or place is all good, and no person or place is all bad.

Admitting brokenness and looking for beauty in others is the posture of a heart that lives for the King and a life that lives out Kingdom work.


  • John 20:11-18 (Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene)
  • Mary was someone who was written off by society – she was broken. But Jesus saw something beautiful in her. Mary wasn’t afraid to admit her brokenness, she knew who she was. And Jesus wasn’t repelled by her brokenness, He healed, redeemed and restored her. Mary’s brokenness allowed her to see Jesus as He was and follow Him with boldness even as He was crucified. (Mary was also the person who first shared the amazing news that Jesus was resurrected!) Kingdom workers aren’t afraid to address the brokenness.

Church…Student Outcomes

  • Understanding that no matter how bad our circumstances or brokenness may be, because we are made in the image of God, nothing can change the beauty He has imprinted onto our DNA. 
  • Recognizing that it’s God’s authority and mark on our lives that qualifies us for Kingdom work.

March 20 – Wacky Weekend • March 27 – Worship Together Weekend

April 3 – Week 3 – Poverty is Everywhere

Poverty isn’t just a lack of material things. It can be a lack of relationships, lack of spiritual influence, lack of good health, etc.

It can be hard to admit our own poverty, yet at the same time we can be eager to go and meet the needs of someone else’s poverty. But when we admit our needs, not only is it humbling, it gives us a glimpse into something that we share with all humanity regardless of circumstance.

When we serve and do Kingdom work out of a mindset that says “I have need as well,” it makes the serving mutual. They have something I need, and I have something they need.

April 10 – Week 4 – Observation Before Interpretation

Our brains need a way to quickly digest all of the information that comes at us on a regular basis. 

It can be our default to make assumptions and pass judgements. It’s likely that within the first five seconds of meeting someone we’ve already put them into some kind of box and assumed certain things about them. Not all of these assumptions are bad or wrong, but the problem begins when we allow these interpretations to hinder building relationships.

When I assume something about you – whether I like it or not – I begin to treat you accordingly. So it’s important that we learn to challenge our interpretations.

We need to become people who see others the way Jesus sees them and seek to understand others by creating space to hear their stories.

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