January 2022 – Part 1 – the Bible

Some students may think of the Bible as an outdated, irrelevant book written by a bunch of people who just made things up.

Or some may believe that it came from God, but they don’t know how to read it or how it connects to their lives.

This series will help them discover the truth and dependability of Scripture, and how reading it well can draw them closer to Jesus.

This three-lesson series will bring the Bible to life for your 5th-8th graders.

It will help them discover where the Bible came from, why we know it’s trustworthy, and how they can get something out of the Bible when they read it.

Series Objectives:

WHAT: The Bible is the story of God—it reveals God’s awesome love for us and teaches us how to honor and obey him.

WHY: Students may struggle with the relevance of Scripture or with reading it in a meaningful way, but as they move beyond those barriers, they are drawn deeper into their relationship with Jesus.

HOW: When students understand and embrace the importance and excitement of what the Bible contains, they can begin to allow it to sink into their hearts and guide them through their lives.  

(Remember that we release our teaching videos and other content on our YouTube channel. So even if your 5th-8th grader can’t be here in person, he/she can still stay connected. You can even subscribe or turn on alerts so you know when each video comes out! Check it out: YouTube.com/mpcc5678 )

Here’s how that breaks down over the next few weeks:

January 2 – Week 1 – What is it?

In this first lesson we’ll talk about 2 Timothy 3:14-17, where the Apostle Paul encouraged his young friend and protégé Timothy to remain faithful.

Paul was sitting in a prison and knew he would die soon, and he challenged Timothy to remain faithful to what is true.

In the light of the persecution that Paul knew Christfollowers would face, he pleaded with Timothy to hold onto his faith.

Parent Cue: Here are a few options to cue a simple conversation with your student after they have participated in our service – in-person or online:

  • Do you think Scripture is less relevant to you today than it was for people who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago? Why or why not?
  • Tell me about a time you felt a deeper love for Jesus because of something you read in the Bible.
  • What’s one specific way Jesus is using Scripture to change you or help you grow?

January 9 – Week 2 – Can I trust it?

As preteens and middle schoolers enter adolescence, it’s normal for them to begin examining and questioning the things they’ve been taught.

For young people raised in church, especially, this will include an examination of their faith and the ideas they’ve been taught at church, in small group, and at home.

Our lesson this week includes explorations into eyewitness evidence, other sources of evidence, and Jesus’ own words—all giving us confidence in the Bible’s trustworthiness.

Parent Cue: Here are a few options to cue a simple conversation with your student after they have participated in our service – in-person or online:

  • I heard you talked about the accuracy and reliability of the Bible at the middle school service this week—how did that exploration impact the way you see the Bible?
  • Why is it important that the Bible we have today hasn’t been changed over the centuries?
  • How does knowing the Bible is accurate and true impact your faith in God and as a follower of Jesus?

January 16 – Week 3 – How should I read it?

We will be encouraging our students to ask three specific questions when they read a passage of Scripture:
1) How does this Scripture point me to Jesus?
2) How does this Scripture connect to my life today?
3) How can this Scripture encourage another person?

The first question looks upward, toward Christ.

The second question looks inward, toward our heart.

The third question looks outward, toward others.

All three questions can help them read the Bible in a meaningful way.

Parent Cue: Here are a few options to cue a simple conversation with your student after they have participated in our service – in-person or online:

  • The more you know Scripture and absorb it into your life, the more it shapes who you are—give me an example of this from your life.
  • As you follow Jesus, how does Scripture help you travel on the right path?
  • Are you satisfied with how frequently you read the Bible? Why or why not?

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  1. Thanks for all the details Mike. Understanding the origins, credibility, and practicality of the Bible is paramount for these kids, especially these days when everything is scrutinized and truth is relevant!


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