Weekly Teaching and Group Guides

Each link below takes you to a page where you can view the same teaching video that is being played/was played that week for students; a copy of the teaching notes; a downloadable version of “the weekly,” our student handout; and the Small Group Leader Discussion Guide.

These should help equip you as a parent to have meaningful conversations each week with your child. And if they miss a week, you can share the link with them so they can watch the video.

At the bottom of each page are images you can share on social media or send directly to your child, reminding them of that week’s lesson and challenging them to put into practice what they learned.

Week 1 – Feb. 9/10, 2019 – Let’s Talk About Sex
Week 2 – Feb. 16/17, 2019 – Let’s Talk About Technology
Week 3 – Feb. 23/24, 2019 – Let’s Talk About Pornography
Week 4 – Mar. 2/3, 2019 – Let’s Talk About Boundaries


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