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This section of our website contains a collection of practical resources to help you in parenting your middle schooler. This includes various parent-child contracts; guides to giving the first cell phone; a set of videos helping you deal with the digital footprint; guides to social media and cyber-bullying; and more! If you have any trouble or issues accessing these resources, please fill out our feedback form.

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Contract Pack: Cell Phone, Technology, Home Alone, Video Game Contracts

This is a set of great looking and helpful contracts! Each one of these contracts serve as a communication tool to set middle schoolers and their parents up to succeed in some of the major transitions they will go through. We’ve provided contracts with text and blank templates in case you want to write your own contract.

Parent’s Guide to Giving a Cell Phone

This is a very helpful ebook that can help you when you are giving your child the first cell phone.

Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint

Need a little help cleaning up your digital footprint?  Check out this resource!

Cyberbullying: 10 Essentials for Parents

In a world that is now run almost exclusively by computers, cyberbullying has become a very real threat in the lives of our kids. In fact, 43% of 13 to 17 year olds have experienced some form of cyberbullying within the last year. Cyberbullying takes on many forms, and each one can be harmful to a child, potentially causing anxiety and depression – it has even been connected to cases of teen suicides.  Download this ebook now to learn more about cyberbullying and its impact, and get tips for prevention and response.

A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

Many of the kids in our ministry are playing Minecraft.  Many of you as parents may be wondering what this game is. “A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft” will give you an understanding of the game and how you can relate to their kids. It is a must read for every parent who has a child playing Minecraft.

Book: Connecting through Video Games

As a parent, it is important to connect with your children through the things they love. If you have a teenager, they probably play video games. Video games offer an amazing opportunity to connect that other forms of media just can’t match. Unlike movies, TV, or book, video games require active participation. Video games can weave themselves into the story of your family. This resource provides a basis for parents to begin to understand video games.

Cell Phone Agreement

Helping our children learn how to be responsible with cell phones is a pretty big deal. That’s why we love this awesome resource that helps parents communicate clear expectations with their kids.

Technology Conversation Guides

Technology is moving fast! But not too fast for us to make the time to have important conversations with our children about technology at each phase. These guides won’t help you figure out the latest tech, but they will equip you to have significant conversations with your children!

Social Media Guide

It feels like there is a new type of social media every day. Adam Mclane, the author of A Parent’s Guide to Social Media, gives some help to parents who feel overwhelmed with how to help their children navigate the world of social media. (This is a 1-hour seminar…and worth every minute!)

11 Digital Dangers Hiding in Plain Sight

Parenting is hard. Digital parenting is harder. Has it ever occurred to you that your child’s favorite sites and apps might have unseen dangers? When they say they have been on social media, do you understand the risks involved? While these sites have boomed in popularity in recent years, the shocking reality is that they are home to some of the most dangerous risks on the Internet. Of course, not everything about the sites and apps listed in this eBook is dangerous. Some provide a great creative outlet for your child along with a platform to keep in contact with friends. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about his safety while he is using them. Download this eBook now and learn what to look out for on your child’s favorites sites and apps.


Navigating Family Priorities: Part 1
Navigating Family Priorities: Part 2
Navigating Family Priorities: Part 3
Navigating Family Priorities: Part 4

This 4-part study is for parents to refocus their attentions and intentions back on what should be first place in their home, God and His kingdom. Each stand-alone but connected study will be based around one of the key sections of Matthew 6.

52 Family Dinner Discussions

This is a fun way to get kids and parents talking. Sometimes as parents, finding ways to relate to your middle schooler becomes increasingly more challenging. This will give you a fun way to get your teens talking. This will help you continue to gain an understanding of your ever-evolving middle schooler.

52 Family Dinner Discussions: Part 2

This is a fun way to get kids and parents talking. Sometimes as parents, finding ways to relate to your teen becomes increasingly more challenging. This will give you a fun way to get your teen talking. This will help you continue to gain an understanding of their ever-evolving teen.

Advent Family eBook

This is an amazing resource to help you have a shared experience each day with your children to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This resource has been beautifully designed and written for families to enjoy making memories together and having a fun experience doing so. You are going to love doing these activities with your kids.

Family Prayer Guide

You may use this prayer guide in any way that fits your family and time. It is broken down into 7 sections based on the breakdown of the “Lord’s Prayer” passage. You may consider using this guide over a 7-week period, with each week being a week of considering and praying over the specific parts of prayer described. Another great option would be to use this guide as part of a vacation or spiritual retreat away as a family, spending 7 days considering each of the 7 parts.

Family Memory Verse Challenge

The family scripture challenge is a 10 day or 10 week challenge for you and your children. This scripture challenge is learning about the word “blessing”, based on what are called the “Beatitudes” from Jesus’ Sermon the Mount.

Silly Shopping Trips

This is part of a series we will be posting for Family Fun Nights. Silly Shopping Trips will give you some creative ways to have some fun as a family.

What to Do When Your Family Has to Move

Moving can be a traumatic experience in the life of a family and for children. This guide gives sound wisdom on how to “break the news,” scriptures to study together as a family, as well as practical ways that you can come together as family to celebrate the memories you’ve shared.

2018 Summer Family Challenge

Summer is a great opportunity for families to connect in the phase your kids are in now. This resource will help you be intentional this summer with the time you have.

30-Day Family Prayer Calendar

This Family Prayer Calendar was created as a tool you can use to practice daily prayer and conversations about faith. The supplied prayer is just a starting point to guide you as you begin to make praying a normal part of your everyday life. Or if prayer is already a part of your life, this guide can provide some variety and focus. You’re encouraged to come up with your own prayer, add or amend the one provided, or invite other family members to pray aloud when you’re finished.

Family Devotional Resource List

It can be hard to get your kid to read something voluntarily—especially if they think they may learn something while doing so! But what if your kid could start a journey that led them to grow and experience God in a way that they actually enjoyed? And even better, what if your family enjoyed that experience together? Here’s a list of fun, interactive, and creative resources designed for that exact purpose.

Family Discovery Pack

Have you ever taken the time to discover what’s unique and special about your family? It’s time to sit down, take a look at your calendar, and choose some time for everyone to get together for some bonding, learning, and fun! Within each step, there are several suggested activities. You can pick and choose which activities fit you best. You may need to find several nights or meal times to complete all three steps. Commit to family discovery regardless of what may “come up.”

Family Rhythm Check-Up

Fighting for your child’s heart doesn’t have to be so serious. It can actually be quite fun! Check out this new Hang Time we made for you! It has 5 practical, fun ideas you can do as a family!

How to do Summer on Purpose

Summer is a great opportunity for families to connect in the phase your kids are in now. This resource will help you be intentional this summer with the time you have.

Money Talk Family Activity Kit

Talking about money is fun. No really. Well, at least it is with this fun family activity kit you can use with different sections based on the ages of your children.

The F.A.M. – The Family Actively on Mission

This 3-part study is for parents to study and consider what it means to be a F.A.M…a Family Actively on Mission. Each stand-alone but connected study is based around Joshua 24:15.

20 Family Prayer Practices & Experiences with Your Teen

Here are 20 family prayer practices and experiences that can continue to unite the family and grow your children. Prayer is such an important part of your lives as Christians. It also should be an important part of your families, especially during the pre-teen and teenage years of spiritual development. Often, however, during these years, you assume that the work of teaching your children to pray is over. You might feel less comfortable or feel like praying with your children is treating them like they are younger.


25 Days of Quick Parenting Tips

This resource is 25 quick and easy ways you can connect with your kids in a meaningful way.

An Allowance Story

An allowance is something that every family wrestles with. Whether or not to give one. How to give it and how much to give. This resources is not a “How-To” so much as it is a story of how one family chose to do it.  You can learn from this family’s example to help stir some ideas of how you would like to handle allowance in your own family. This resource would go along well with MPCC’s sermon series: “God’s Plan for Financial Freedom.”

A Conversation about Bullying

Having conversations with children about difficult topics or during difficult situations is not easy for parents. Often they don’t know what to say or even how to say the things they want to say. Here is a “parenting script” of a conversation on one of these tough topics, “bullying”. This is simply a helpful example for parents to use in order to see how a conversation might go to empower them to have their own conversation with their child.

Change E-Book

Change: Helping Any Child at Any Age with Any Problem by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller is designed to give parents the road map for helping children change. Some people think we’re crazy, but it really works if a parent makes a focused effort over an 8 week period of time.

Heart Strings: When Your Kids are Learning an Instrument

“Heart Strings” is an ebook for those of you who have kids who are learning to play an instrument. This ebook will help you with some tough questions like: “What happens when it gets hard?”, “What do I do when my kid wants to quit?”, “What do I do when my kid’s friends are getting better, faster?”, “How do I encourage my kid to keep working, to keep practicing, to push through even when he or she feels like giving up?”, “How do I help my kid practice when I don’t know anything about music myself?”

Holiday Hints & Helps: Valentine’s Day

This toolbox resources is a guide to help parents connect with their teen during a special holiday season. It provides ideas for them to use that focus on building their relationship with their teen by utilizing these helpful and easy to implement ideas.

Holiday Hints & Helps: Thanksgiving

This toolbox resources is a guide to help parents connect with their children during a special holiday season. It provides ideas for them to use that focus on building their relationship with their teen by utilizing these helpful and easy to implement ideas.

Lunch Box Notes

The morning rush before school is full of daily routines and a bit of chaos. But in the midst of the madness lies an opportunity for you to offer a regular infusion of faithful encouragement. This resource is designed to help you offer a daily note of encouragement to your middle schooler. We’ll help you get started by giving you a note with a verse for 100 days. You can tweak the note, add what you want to say to it, and give it to your child.

Lunchbox Notes Part 2

This resource is designed to help parents offer a daily note of encouragement to their child. We’ll help them get started by giving them a note with a verse for 30 days. Parents can tweak the note, add what they want to say to it, and give it to their child.

Parent Cheat Sheet – Fears (Youth Edition)
Parent Cheat Sheet – Fears (Children’s Edition)

Often, there are very common and normal fears children face as they develop. Parents can deal with these common fears before they become something more serious. Christian parents have the opportunity to turn to God’s word to help them deal with the common levels of these negative emotions in their child’s life. Here is a quick helpful resource to consider, pray over, and help parents deal with the 4 Kinds of “Fears” and 4 stages of “Fears” that their children may face.

Anxiety Conversation Guide

Anxiety can be experienced at every Phase. Whether it’s monsters under the bed or getting accepted to a college, we as parents need help knowing what to say and what not to say. These Phase specific Anxiety Conversation Guides are available to you – parents – so when the need arises, you’ll be ready.

Faith Conversation Guides

A discussion about faith looks different at every phase. It can be talking with a preschooler about Jesus being God’s Son or with a student who is having doubts for the first time. These Phase specific Faith Conversation Guides are available here for you as parents so that when the need arises, you’ll be ready to talk to their child about faith. (And maybe even the one initiating the conversations!)

Health Conversation Guide

There are key conversations that are important for parents to have with your child during the different phases. One of those conversations is building healthy habits. These Health Conversation Guides will equip you as parents to start or continue the conversation.

Sexual Integrity Conversation Guides

Are we really going to talk about this? If you want your kids to grow up with sexual integrity, then the answer is – YES! But we’re not talking baseballs and butterflies here. No, this talk is a bit harder. That’s why we made these helpful conversation guides for you to so you can LEARN what to say (and what not to say) to your child at each phase along the way.

Being Heard

This is a very helpful ebook to help you communicate with your teenager. It’s one thing to talk to your Teenager. It’s a whole other thing to be heard by your Teenager. This ebook helps you to “speak teenager” in such a way that the message will get across.

Celebrating Spiritual Birthdays

This resource contains 6 creative ways of helping you celebrate your child’s spiritual birthday.  Each idea will help you celebrate the life-changing moment that God has had in your children’s lives.

Home Improvement

This book is more than just a parenting book. It’s a tool that you can use with your child. Each chapter is divided into two parts. The first part is a fiction story about a family who experiences problems and then learns a new tool. You can read this section to your child and it will present family issues from the parent’s perspective. Children are often blinded by their own viewpoint and seeing the problem from the parent’s view is eye-opening. Furthermore, it opens opportunities to talk about ways their family can relate and ways you can make changes to help you communicate with your child.

Serving Ideas

Serving looks different at every Phase. These resources will help you as parents LEARN what it looks like in the Phase your child is in.

What Now? (Break Ups)

“What Now” is an ebook for you parents whose teenager has gone through a break up. This book will help you know how to empathize with your teen and know what steps you need to take to walk your teen through their feelings of brokenness. This is such an awkward and difficult time in the life of a teen.

What Now? (Pornography)

This is an ebook for teenagers who are struggling with pornography written by Tasha Levert. Tasha Levert is a counselor and minister from New Orleans, LA.* This ebook was written for parents who discover your teenager has encountered pornography. She focused this ebook on how you can respond in the first 48 hours in a healthy way.

Backpack of Blessings, Kids Version
Backpack of Blessings, Teen Version

“Backpack Blessings” are a simple, small way to give your teenager a quick verse of encouragement as they pull out a particular item on their back to school list this year. You can use them all at once on the same day, the first day of school, or you can spread them out for 10 days or even 10 weeks. They are a simple way to take a little of God’s word and an encouraging word from you with them to school. Bonus idea: If this seems a bit too childish for your teen, then make these into texts that you send your teen, with an emoji when one is available.

Car Conversations: Part 1
Car Conversations: Part 2

The car is a great place for parents to connect with their children. This resources was created to provide parents with conversation ideas for when they’re driving in the car with their kids!

Celebrating Through the Phases

Celebration in the life of every child is important! These resources will give you ideas to help you find everyday moments to celebrate!

Parent’s Guide to the Times

Your kids will grow up a lot faster than you ever dreamed. That’s why we help you stay focused on what you can do today to connect with your child. We know you can’t cram anything more to do in your already busy day so we help you use the time you already have. We’ve designed Parent Cue Times of Day, specifically for each phase of your child. Look for these in the Parent Cue App (available through the App Store or Google Play) and the Parent Cue pieces with your child’s curriculum, paired with simple things to say, ask and do to connect with the heart of your child. Below you’ll find an explanation of each cue by phase.

Parental Influence Map

Parents have a tremendous amount of influence on a kid or teenager, but the amount of influence depends on the phase. Check out this resource to help you visualize how parental influence changes into relational influence.

Parental Proverbs

The book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom written to the young people of a nation.  It is full of references to family, father, mothers, sons and daughters.  There are 31 chapters in Proverbs with 28-31 days of the month it is the prefect one month study.  We have created this resource to allow you to share daily words of wisdom and blessing with your children.

Phase Timelines

These PHASE Timelines are here to help you LEARN what Technology, Sexual Integrity and Authentic Faith look like through the PHASES.

Seated N’ Silly

This toolbox resources is a guide to help parents connect with their children during a special holiday season. It provides ideas for them to use that focus on building their relationship with their teen by utilizing these helpful and easy to implement ideas.

Textable Devotions

Textable Devotions are meant to be a thought and a scripture that students can reflect on daily.

All of these resources are available because of our partnership with These are for families connected with the Middle School Ministry at Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana. If you or your church is interested in this strategy, please partner with