Hang Time

Monthly Activities Designed Around Five Family Values

Each month, we’ll post a page that has five different activity suggestions for you to do as a family each month, each centered on one of five family values.

Don’t get overwhelmed. If you use at least one of these, you are blessing your family. Able to do all five? Maybe you should teach this to others!

Go ahead and check out this month’s Hang Time at the link below, or even check out some for an upcoming month! Want to know more about these values? Check out the information and links below the Monthly Hang Time list.

If you’d like to know more about these values in general, click here.

If you are a reader or just want to really dig into each of these deeper, check out the book: Parenting Beyond Your Capacity.

If you are more of a video person, then you can watch these six videos, designed to be used with a small group going through the material, but also helpful for a quick overview: PBYC Videos.

And, finally, if you are a detailed person but impatient, you can read blog posts on each of the five values at these links: