Chapter 5: Move Them Out

This video goes with pages 136-161 in the Lead Small book. 

If you are a Small Group Leader and do not have a copy, contact us and we’ll get you one.

After watching the video and reading those pages, we have a few questions to help you process and apply this to you specifically.

Read the discussion questions below and in the comments add your thoughts so that we can have a real discussion and all learn how to lead small better!

You can also download a PDF of these questions here: Move Them Out Questions

You can also find blog posts related to this topic on a blog hosted by Orange, the publishers of the Lead Small book here.

Move Them to Someone Else

1. What types of adults are your few naturally connected to?

2. In general, are your few connected with multiple adults outside of you and their family? How can you help grow that circle?

Move Them to Be the Church

1. Your few want to feel like they are doing something significant. What kinds of things could you do or have you done with your group to help them regularly take ownership and be the Church? What other significant events?

Move Them On to What’s Next

1. What are some of the big transitions or milestones coming up in the lives of your few? What are some of the big transitions they’ll face as they get older?

2. Which adults are you moving your few to next? How are you helping them to connect?

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