Below are each of the apps that Mike recommends for all leaders. Click on the images or text to learn more about and download the app for your device.

Lead Small

Everything you need to lead small and make a big impact — now at your fingertips. Check it out here.


Simple and secure text message tool Mike can use to send leaders reminders and encouragement throughout the week. You can use this via SMS, the app, or email. Choose “parent or student” and enter our “class code”: @56sgl @78sgl  Check it out online here.

Download this instruction sheet for more details: 56 SGL Invite   78 SGL Invite

Services (by Planning Center Online)

The Planning Center app is the best way to access your Planning Center Online account on your device. Planning Center Services is an online scheduling and worship planning application to keep your staff and volunteers connected. Download the iOS app or the Android app.


This chat tool will be used by any small group leader to contact all small group leaders in the same service simultaneously. This will be used when needed by the MPCC Safety Team to contact us as well. Situations that might find this tool being useful include: severe weather, discipline issue with child, missing student, stranger or dangerous person in building. We also use it on trips and for special events to contact everyone, no matter where you are. Download it here.

Join the GroupMe group based on which service you normally serve in on the weekends. (For trips and events, Mike will send you the link or invite you to join for that special occasion.)

Leader Recommended Apps

Do you have an app that you have found useful as a Small Group Leader? Share it with Mike and get it added here!