Safety: After Service Policy

Drive-Thru Ministry

For some it may seem a little strange, but having the Student Ministries Center across the street from the main church campus has meant that our ministry often has a “drive-thru” style when it comes to parents, especially with drop-off and pick-up.

Similar to the local middle school, when parents drop off their 5th-8th graders for weekend services or special events, they basically pull under the entry, let their kids out, and pull away. Pick up is just the opposite.

It works because these students are old enough to check themselves in when they enter the building and able to know whether or not to get into a vehicle that pulls up to pick them up.

Walking Across

For some families, it has been even more convenient in that students have been able to walk from the main campus to the Student Ministries Center (SMC) before service and go back after service. We know this has been a huge help for those who volunteer in various ministries, especially the children’s ministries.

Improving Safety: Officer Present

In the world we live in, we have to be extra careful in public spaces like schools and churches to keep everyone safe. We have done this in the SMC by locking doors 30 minutes after services start and not unlocking them until right before service is over.

However, as some of you may have noticed, we have recently stepped up our safety procedures. You will now notice a police car parked in our parking lot or just outside our entrance, though sometimes it may be unmarked. Inside, we have an off-duty uniformed officer present now throughout our entire service.

This is part of our partnership with MPCC’s Safety Ministry to make sure our students and leaders are safe. So far, for most students, this has not changed things for them as so many are used to uniformed officers in and around their schools.

We want to make sure parents know this measure was not taken due to any known threats or issues. This is purely a preventative measure to ensure the continued safety of students and leaders in our ministries at the SMC. (much like you see on MPCC’s main campus)

Improving Safety: After Service Policy

We are now making some changes in our after service policy to help increase safety from a preventative measure. We know this will mean changes to some of your routines. But we hope you will see the value in these changes in increasing safety for all students, especially your own children.

Saturdays, 6:00pm Service, and Sundays, 11:30am Service

On Saturday nights and after the last Sunday morning service, we will no longer allow students to walk across the street after service. They must have a parent/guardian pick them up from the SMC doors.
We have leaders who are wiling to wait around, knowing that this may take some extra time for parents to finish across the street and make their way to us. We are willing to spend that extra time to ensure the increased safety of these students.

Sundays, 8:45am and 10:00am Services

On Sunday morning, I will allow students to walk across after the 8:45 service and after the 10:00 service.
The reason for allowing the first two Sunday services to walk across is our volunteer system on the main campus. There are volunteers who are able to serve because their 5th-8th graders are able to walk across when they are done. The parents don’t have to leave service early or rush out of serving to pick up their kids and then come back across the street and find a place to park again before they rush in to serve or make their way into a service. It is light during those times so we can see them walking.

Improving Safety: Walking with the Group

One change we are making for those two times when students may walk across is that they must go in one group with a leader who walks them to the corner. From there, the officer will direct them when to cross and then they will be at the church. If students are not ready when the whole group of walkers goes to the corner, they will have to wait for someone to pick them up. This way they are supervised and traveling as a group instead of various individuals. But it still helps out the parents who are serving.
If you have any questions about this, please let me know. I hope you understand our changes and see how we are working to increase the safety for everyone at Mount Pleasant Christian Church.