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LIVE PURE (for 5th – 6th Graders)


Weekly Teaching and Group Guides

Our preteens in fifty-six are already placed into small groups by grade and gender. However, for this series, we actually have different content for the boys groups and girls groups. So keep that in mind as you check out these resources.

Each link below takes you to a page where you can view a downloadable version of “the weekly,” our student handout; and the Small Group Leader Guide.

During this series, the Small Group Leaders will be teaching and leading a discussion around each week’s topic. If you know preteens, you know discussions won’t always follow this path exactly, but this is the general direction.

These should help equip you as a parent to have meaningful conversations each week with your child.

At the bottom of each page are images you can send directly to your child, reminding them of that week’s lesson and challenging them to put into practice what they learned.


Week 1 • Feb. 9/10, 2019 • What Does It Mean to Live Pure?
Week 2 • Feb. 16/17, 2019 • Be Pure and Focused on Jesus
Week 3 • Feb. 23/24, 2019 • Honor God with Your Body
Week 4 • Mar. 2/3, 2019 • Fall in Love with Jesus


Week 1 • Feb. 9/10, 2019 • Honor God with Your Body
Week 2 • Feb. 16/17, 2019 • Live Pure with the Bible and Friends
Week 3 • Feb. 23/24, 2019 • Getting and Staying Pure
Week 4 • Mar. 2/3, 2019 • Understand What Truly Makes You Valuable


(Books, Websites, Apps, Downloads, Podcasts, Conversation Guide, Videos, etc.)

Parent Chat Videos

Short videos that portray conversations between a parent and a student texting each other. Watch these and they should inspire you to have some conversations with your middle schooler.

The Digital Footprint

This set of videos will help give you tips and advice from some tech-savvy parents of teenagers when it comes to handling technology. These videos are about 10 minutes long and should be very practical and timely for everything from cell phones and video games to social media and Internet safety.