30 Days to Taming Your Kid's Tongue

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30 Days to Taming Your Kid’s Tongue

Author: Deborah Smith Pegues

Deborah Smith Pegues, the author of numerous “30 Days to Taming…” books covering topics on anger, stress, emotions and even finances is now taking on taming our children well, sort of? In her newest book 30 Days to Taming Your Kid’s Tongue, she offers a 30 day guide to taming the things that come out of our children’s mouth and come rolling off their tongue.

A quick easy read, this book offers daily insights to be read over a month period guiding parents and our child in a process from learning the basics of positive communication through to successfully handing negative communications habits.

Being a tech savvy parent means being willing to taking on some of these tough topics:

1. Training in Positive Communication

Positive communication and basic manners is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Allowing our kids to not speak appropriate words of appreciation teaches our kids the false impression that they are entitled to things, not blessed. Further by not teaching the basics of social etiquette like saying thing like, “thank you”, “please”, “excuse me” and even “I am sorry” we in essence teach our kids to be self-center and rude. In order to tame a kid’s tongue we must first set a foundation of thankfulness and graciousness.

The second area of training in positive communication is through teaching kids to be respectful of others, situations and even God. Simple things like instructing our kids in how to address adults and people who are different than them lead to better communication skills. Additionally being respectful of situations and surroundings allow our kids to begin to be prepared for life as an adult. Elemental to both appreciative and respectful, positive communication is prayer. Teaching kids how to pray not only teaches them a spiritual disciple but a social one as well.

2. Triumphing Over Negative Communication

Having addressed and trained our kids in positive communication, the usual suspects of things like lying, sassing/disrespect, tantrums, and even cursing can be addressed head on. Once again going to a core for self-centeredness and lack of respect, parents can understand the roots of negative words.

Lying, exaggerating, gossip, bragging and even verbal bullying come from a place of dishonesty as well as self-centeredness. Both issues arise as kids seek to make themselves look better. Each of these and others like tattling and teasing can be address by laying out clear expectations for living respectfully along planning out and then implementing clear consequences.

Sassing, manipulation, tantrums, and whining go back to the teaching of respect for others, especially parents and those in authority. Kids using these forms of negative communication must learn they will not be heard unless they speak in respectful ways and in age-appropriate expressions.

Each of the various forms of negative communication, like the positive communication must be taught by example. Kids will do as they see and hear, not as they are told if parents model negative communication.

Finally remember above all else you cannot do it alone. You need the ultimate parent, God as He models for us His balance of love, patience, and discipline.

If you’d like to dig deeper into this book, you can go here to order a copy.

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