Busy and Blessed


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Busy and Blessed

10 Simple Steps for Parents Seeking Peace

Author: Chuck Thompson

Speaker, Author, Teaching and Dad, Chuck Thompson in this recently release book writes a book for every busy parent in America. In this short book, he offers up his own spiritual journey and his 10 step process to go from being a busy and overwhelmed parent to find a place of being a more peaceful, blessed parent each day.

Step 1: Burn a Boat or Two

Once we have children life is different. The “before kids” year are in the past. We are in a new place and exploring something new. Like the explorer Cortes, we need to burn our boats and start fresh committed to not turning back while also knowing there is no way back.

Step 2: Judge Not

We judge other parents, it is that simple. We see the best and the worst in them and make up our own opinions about their parenting. We do this to make ourselves feel better about our own parenting. Negativity destroys and hurts us spiritually. If we are going to find a more peaceful place as a parent we need to ask for forgiveness for our judgmental attitudes.

Step 3: Listen Up

Listening for God is not just hearing, it is paying attention. God often speaks not though our own wisdom but through the wisdom of others. In our overly digitally connected world, we need to remember to stop and connect personally so we can truly listen.

Step 4: Love Your Imperfections

Humility is knowing what you can offer the world and what you can’t. We need to be okay with who we are and who we are not, even as parents.

Step 5: Face the Music and Dance

Emotional pain does not go away by itself. We need to face our past hurts and situations head on. Allowing ourselves to continue to live beyond the hurt. Reconciling with ourselves and others gives us a door to forgiveness and change.

Step 6: Think Water, Not Rocks

There are no permanent obstacles in our path. Water reminds us of this, as it shifts to go around the rocks in its way. We need to become parents that develop an attitude that we can handle or flex with whatever God brings into our life. These moments are the moments when we learn the possibilities not the impossibilities of the rocks in our way.

Step 7: Be a Philosopher King

Plato identified three area that must be mastered in order to be wise enough to rule: mathematics, music, and fitness. The idea was not to have knowledge of these things but be able apply and do. We as parents should seek to know and experience our life and never stop. It not about perfection but process.

Step 8: Always Click “Like”

Trusting in yourself and God doesn’t mean your life will suddenly become easier or more peaceful. Your attitude to choose to like life and not continue to be drawn to the negatives will give you the opportunity to see the good in every situation.

Step 9: Become a Bridge

Bridges give us a way to get from one place to the next in the midst of busy traffic. When you see the spiritual and divine you become a bridge to compassion and love in our busy family and with other busy parents. Know in the end that God is the ultimate bridge builder, share His abundance and ask Him to bless our efforts.

Step 10: Live Each Day as if You are Going to Live Forever, because You Are

 Live in the two worlds of our life together and know that this life, our family, and our parenting is not just about the here. As our relationship with God grows deeper, we begin to see the Kingdom of God as the hear and now, including our parenting. If we see the big picture, the little picture is transformed.


A warm and compelling book, while seemingly simple, is quite deep. It is very worthy of a full read beyond this quick overview, that honestly can not quite do the whole book justice.

I hope you can pick up a copy soon and find some time to seek a bit of busy in your busy life of being a parent.


If you’d like to dig deeper into this book, you can go here to order a copy.

[Our church receives no proceeds from the sales of this book. This is simply a resource to encourage you and your family.]



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