56. Helping Your Teen Develop a Personal Devotional Life

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Our time together this month will be on helping your teen develop a personal devotional life. The video this month focuses on how it’s more important than ever for teens to establish their own life-long spiritual path. If teens can develop healthy spiritual rhythms now, they will be more likely to continue them as they head into adulthood.

Below are a few tips for helping your pre-teen or teen develop their own time with God.

1. Encourage your teen in making their quiet time “real.” Teens today are tired of anything fake. They are faced with pressures, worries, and fears that go beyond what this generation of adults has ever faced. Superficial, surface-y devotionals simply won’t meet their needs. They long for the hard truth, unexpurgated, because that’s what they face every day of their life. Come alongside your teen to help them figure out how to make their time with the Lord effective and purposeful, and time that will help them deal with the pressures of life.

2. Model quiet time with the Lord. Does your pre-teen or teen see you spending time with Jesus? If you aren’t spending time with the Lord, and your teen knows it, they will be quick to brush off your encouragement for them to spend time alone with God. If you don’t spend daily time with Jesus, start now.

3. Steer your pre-teen toward resources that will meet them where they are at. Keep in mind they live in a digital generation. If reading a devotional online will keep them focused and engaged, and if they will do that before reading a hard copy, that’s okay. There are amazing resources out there, including Good Morning Girls and Good Morning Guys—an amazing online Bible study where participants read through the Bible one chapter at a time.

I’m praying for you and your family. Helping your teen develop a personal devotional life is one of the best legacies you can leave, and one they will carry with them into adulthood.

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p.s.  Watch for more help in part 2!