46. Goal Setting with Your Teenager

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It’s time for another Online Parenting Class! This topic is one that we hope every parent will find beneficial: Goal Setting with Your Teenager. A huge part of raising a teenager is teaching them life skills. One of your jobs as their parent is to do the best you can to prepare them for that time.

Even though your teen may leave his or her dishes on the coffee table every day, scatter his backpack, socks and shoes all over the house, or forget to do the one simple chore you’ve asked him five times to do, not too many years from now, your teenager is going to have a collision with adulthood! Will they be ready?

There are many life skills your teenager needs to know: how to change a spare tire, how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, how to wash clothes, or how to make a bed…the list is endless.

However, one of the greatest skills you can teach your teenager is how to set and reach goals.

When you teach your teenager how to set and reach goals, what you’re really giving them is the ability to live their life intentionally. Goals will help keep your teen focused on what’s important, and allow them to make the best use of their 24 hours each day. When tackled correctly, they will force your teen out of their comfort zone and help them to grow more than they would without them. And, perhaps most importantly, they will give your teen control of their destiny.

I hope this lesson equips you to begin setting goals with your teen! Please feel free to reply to this email with any prayer requests you may have for your family. I love serving you and your family through prayer.

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