44. Pressure to be Perfect

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We meet again for another Online Parenting Class. We will be delving into a topic many teens struggle with: the Pressure to be Perfect. Likely you have already become aware of this issue with your teen, but may need more ideas for how to best parent your teen through it. To watch the video, go to: LINK

Your teenager is likely under more pressure than you realize. Think back to when you were their age: staying up late, sick to your stomach because a term paper was due in the morning. Worrying about what to wear, so you fit in with your friend group. But this is nothing compared to what teenagers deal with in this generation.

Social media has created a whole new way to make teenagers feel undervalued, undeserving, and even unacceptable. Back in the day, it was enough to spend six or seven hours a day with a bully at school, but at least teens received a break from it at home. There are no breaks for teenagers these days. Peer pressure, bullies and unkind people follow them everywhere they go. It’s hard to find a teenager that doesn’t seem to have their phone with them at all times. How can parents help teenagers handle the pressure that is often a part of their daily lives?

Above all, let them know that you are for them. You are their biggest cheerleader and their biggest supporter. You will be there when they fail and when they succeed. You will encourage them when they are scared and applaud them when they are confident. Basically, your teenager needs to know that you have their back and that they can trust you to be their safe haven. It won’t always be easy! Teenagers can make some really poor decisions that might make you wonder when their brain decided to take a vacation!

A wise teenager once wrote, “Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes in it to drain it dry.”

I hope this lesson blesses you. Please remember I’m an email or text away, and I love serving you and your family through prayer.

Your Parenting Partner,

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p.s.  Watch for more help in part 2!