Photo Credits

I am HUGELY thankful for the world of great photographers and visual artists out there who share their work online with us.  And I am even more appreciative of those who share their work through the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.  Photos listed below are linked to the page on which they appear and include a link where you can find the original image on the photographer’s flickr page.  The main resource I use to find all these images is the every-helpful Compfight page, which allows you to filter only photos that are shared with the Creative Commons license, allowing you to share them for free as long as you provide credit to the photographer.

Online Parenting Classes 18-50 | Breakfast Photo by Willem van de Kerkhof •

Parenting Toolbox The Toolbox is Organized! Photo by Dan Thompson •

Rites of Passage Experiences Carrick Rede Rope Bridge North Ireland •

Snapshots (Books) ‘general parenting’ section at powell’s hawthorne Photo by Sarah Gilbert •

Dear Parents (about Online Parenting Classes) DILO, II: Sans E-Mail Photo by Jessica •

31. How Do I Help My Teen Through the Death of a Friend? Don’t cry my love Photo by Axel Naud •

30. Why Does Parenting Seem So Lonely? Tired Photo by Kevin Baird •

29. Helping Your Teenager Learn to Manage Money Купюры_004 Photo by Spartacus Pustota •

 01. How to Leave a Legacy That Matters Untitled Photo by Jeremy Beker •

Rite of Passage Experiences Explained Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge Photo by Sean Lucas •

Helpful Parent Links Lend a Hand Photo by Jill Clardy •

Middle School Parent Bookshelf The Joy of Reading Photo by aleph78 •

Bible Apps and Websites McDevotional Photo by brett jordan •

Bible Translations John 3:16 Photo by •

Social Media for Parents DSC06940 Photo by Phillip LeConte •

28. Establishing a Trust Economy with Your Teenager 365.144 – time marches on never ending Photo by Michael Verhoef •

27. Thoughts on Praying for your Teenager Turn my Darkness into Light Photo by Josh Kenzer •

Double Dog Dare-a-thon Frequently Asked Questions by Jonathan Simcoe on unsplash •

Photo Credits (this page) lenses Photo by Scorpions and Centaurs •

Online Parenting Classes Breakfast Photo by Sebastien Wiertz •

Dear Parents (about Online Parenting Classes) post Photo by Jon Swanson •

15. Helping Kids Process Evil Alcatraz Photo by Morten F •

14. Encouragement vs. Perfectionism Hug and Cheese 🙂 Photo by Ercument Sener •

13. How to Get Your Children To Do More Than Play Wii Mario Kart Wiiiiiiii Photo by Michael Mistretta •

Parenting Toolbox IMG_1713 Photo by Daren •

About Parenting Toolbox A Days Work Photo by Kristin Bradley •

Digital Footprint: Cleaning Up Yours 22 novembre 2007 Alfortville Travaus rue Dourdarias Photo by melina1965 •


Photo Credits (this page) Untitled Photo by Lindsey Garrett •

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