We’re talking this month about combating shame. This month’s class provides you with some encouragement to pray and ask the Spirit to guide you as you uncover what is going on in your tween or teen’s heart and mind to help them deal with shame. We encourage you not to sweep the issue under the carpet, but rather help your teen put to words what they are feeling.

Here are a few more suggestions to help your tween or teen deal with the potential shame they may be feeling:

Listen empathetically to your teen. Work hard to create a safe environment for your teen where they are free to share their feelings and needs with both you and other family members.

Talk honestly about personal failures and struggles with shame. Sharing with your teen how you manage shame will let them know you are not perfect and are working on the same things they are. Doing so will communicate to your teen that you do not expect them to be perfect.

Identify shaming behavior other members of the family may be using. Sarcasm, belittling, ignoring, name-calling, discounting successes, interrupting, and demeaning are behaviors that can create feelings of shame in a teen. If you see this type of behavior going on with a sibling or even a distant family member, nip it in the bud.

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p.s. Watch for more help in part 2!