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The Good News of and from Jesus

We learn the Good News; are challenged to make a decision about that Good News; and then are encouraged to Share the Good News with others.

Knowing and Living the Truth of Jesus

The Apostle Paul challenges us in his letter this week about where we find our strength and how to know and live the Truth.

What is “Righteousness” in the Bible and What Does It have to do with Justice?

As these two questions are answered, we’ll understand better how to share with others what we have received or can receive from God.

How Does Jesus Define “Peace” and How Do We Share It?

Peace is so much more and better than just the “absence of war.” Learn what it is from a biblical perspective and how we share it with others.

Are You Distracted & Alone in Your Faith or Protected and Linked with Other Believers?

Paul talks about the “shield” of faith, which might make you think of Captain America. But his point is more about being protected and living out your faith connected to a healthy community.

How to Pray with Hope Instead of Just Wishing

As Paul writes about the “helmet of salvation,” he is actually helping us live a life of hope, where our prayers are to a God we trust and Whom we know loves us.

How to Resist Temptation, Avoid False Teaching, and Share the Good News about Jesus

As Paul talks about using the “sword of the Spirit,” he is describing what we know as the Bible. Making sure you have one and know how to use it will help you with temptation, false teaching, and sharing Jesus with others.

How to Make Prayer and Being Alert a Way of Life

As we follow Jesus, we will face spiritual tiredness, complacency, fatigue, and discouragement. Talking with and listening to God – prayer – and being alert will help us overcome these when we face them.