Back to the Future

How We Help People Who are Held Captive by Injustice and Oppression?

Find out a few examples of people being held captive in our world today. Then, following Jesus’ example, figure out your next move to help free them.

What Can Jesus Rebuild FOR You or WITH You?

There are things that have been destroyed and need to be rebuilt in our lives, our relationships, our community, and the world. Learn about what Jesus can rebuild in your life or in these other three areas by using you.

How Do You Do Justice Instead of Contributing to Injustice?

We’ll learn from Jesus’ teaching and example how to stop doing things that hurt others and contribute to injustice. Instead, we’ll be challenged – even with a simple, local challenge – at how we can help bring justice to the lives of those who so desperately need it.

How Does Remembering the Ancient Words of Scripture Help Us Change the Future?

It may seem strange to think that remembering words spoken and written thousands of years ago can help us today, much less change the future . . . but that is exactly what Jesus teaches in this lesson.