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This video goes with pages 6-31 in the Lead Small book. 

If you are a Small Group Leader and do not have a copy, contact us and we’ll get you one.

After watching the video and reading those pages, we have a few questions to help you process and apply this to you specifically.

Read the discussion questions below in the comments and add your thoughts so that we can have a real discussion and all learn better how to lead small!

(Or, if you’d like, you can download a pdf of these questions.) Download that here:  01_Introduction Questions

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4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Big Challenge

    1. What was your experience with the church growing up?

    If you grew up in the church, did you stay involved after high school? Why or why not?

    Share your stories.

  2. Big Challenge

    2. How often do you think about the kids and students outside the walls of your church?

    What are ways you or your church have previously tried to engage the community around you?

  3. Small Solution

    2. If you are a small group leader, it’s just as important that you know what you are not as it is to know what you are. What do you think you definitely are NOT?

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