Summer Camp Faculty (Volunteer Leaders)

5th-6th Grade Camp

Please keep in mind that everything here focuses on the summer camp for students who will be entering 5th-6th grade in the fall.

(Summer events like camp are based on the grade students will enter in the fall not the grade they complete in the spring before camp. This is because we see these events as leading into a new year of ministry not ending a previous one.)

With that in mind, please pass any questions or comments along to our Student Ministry team regarding this specific camp: Mike Sheley, Middle School Pastor.

We work alongside Chris Franklin, Amanda Snow and the MPCC Children’s Ministry Team. However, each team runs a separate camp and have different policies and procedures on leaders, groups, schedule, etc.

Beyond Event Volunteers

We know that for some people, an event like summer camp is the best way for them to volunteer and use their talents and gifts in ministry in a way they can not on a weekly basis.

However, we also know that our priority is providing the best possible event for students in helping them become lifelong followers of Jesus. For that to happen, we need our group leaders at camp to see themselves as Small Group Leaders.

Small Group Leaders

In our ministry, we realize that what a Small Group Leader can do for a few has more potential than what we do for many.

So we build our ministry and all related programs and events around the philosophy of equipping Small Group Leaders who can invest strategically in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith.

If you want to read more about the five big ideas we want every Small Group Leader to know and practice, you can find them in the book: Lead Small.

Camp and Beyond

Ideally, we’d love every group leader at camp to be a Small Group Leader in our weekend small groups. That way, camp would be a way to build and deepen relationships that would continue throughout the rest of the year. Since this is the ideal, here is how we handle the real world.

Prioritizing Applications

We have to prioritize everyone who applies to be a faculty member at camp. (Faculty Member is the term Camp Allendale uses for all volunteer leaders at camp. The people employed by the camp are referred to as Staff.)

When we receive applications for summer camp faculty, some are for the role of camp Nurse, worship team or production team. The majority of our need, and therefore applications, are for Small Group Leaders.

When someone applies to be a Small Group Leader at summer camp, here is the order of priority for us to accept that person.

#1: Someone currently serving as a Small Group Leader in our middle school (5th-8th) services or with fourth graders in Bibleopolis.

#2: Someone planning to start serving as a Small Group Leader in our middle school (5th-8th) services this fall.

#3: Someone who has previously served as a faculty member for summer camp with us at Camp Allendale.*

#4: Parent, guardian or relative of a camper.

#5: An adult over 21 years old

#6: A student 16 years old or older*

*Camp Allendale policy requires faculty members with our camp be at least 16 years old.

Other Volunteer Options

In addition to helping with summer camp itself, we also need people to help us prepare supplies at church the week leading up to camp.

And we need a team of people to help set up camp the Friday or Saturday before camp and pack up most of our supplies the Thursday evening during camp.

These are great options for those who can not help during camp or are not old enough to be a faculty member.

You can note this option on the faculty form and be accepted for these specific teams.

Faculty Application Form

You can fill out the application form for this summer here.