Summer Camp Cabinmates

If you haven’t already, it would benefit you to read over the Summer Camp Small Groups page information.

Housing Assignments

Housing or cabin and cabinmate assignments will happen after the small groups have been formed.

When we set up housing in the cabins, we will keep small groups together.

Most cabins will have campers of only the same grade, except when space issues make that not possible. Then, there will be a mix of 5th and 6th grade campers in that cabin.

Cabinmate Names

We know that you have the opportunity to put down a cabinmate name when you registered for camp. However, we also know that often times you didn’t realize all the info above and/or the person’s name you put down is not actually going to camp after all and/or you changed your mind.

So, we are providing this form to fix all of that.

Enter the name on the form of the camper your child wants to have as a cabinmate and member of their small group – keeping in mind the requirements listed above.

Just in case things don’t go 100% as planned, you have the option to list an alternative cabinmate. That way, if we are not able to pair your child with their preferred cabinmate, we will at least match them with this alternate camper.

Submit Summer Camp Cabinmate Request Form