More Events

Fall Kickoff

This Friday night event launches our new school year with students. There will be games, inflatables and food. We end with our popular slime fight and the fire department hosing everyone off. This is a free event where we encourage students to bring friends, especially unchurched friends!

Day at Rascal’s Fun Zone

Four hours of summer fun for students who will be going into 5th-8th grades in the fall. This includes a variety of go-kart racing tracks, miniature golf, bumper boats and lunch.
Event Location: Rascal’s Fun Zone in Whiteland, for location information or directions click here.

Wacky Weekends

A few times a year we like to mix things up. We meet during all the normal service times, but we plan services that are a little different. We’ll hint at what we have planned. We can’t tell you the specifics. But we can tell you your child won’t want to miss it!

Worship Together Weekends (WTW)

We take specific weekends throughout the year to have students join their families in the main church worship services. There are no fifty-six or seventy8 services on those dates.

fifty-six Retreat

One-day event at Camp Allendale for preteens and one or more parents or guardians. Focused, undistracted time is organized for you to have a family experience celebrating a rite of passage together in an amazing retreat environment.

seventy8 Retreat

Overnight event at Camp Allendale for middle schoolers and their small group. Spiritual disciplines are taught and practiced. Recreational activity options include zip-lining and paintball. Registration will be available online.

Promotion Weekend

The first weekend in June, all children and students begin participating in weekend services and special events based on the grade they will enter in the fall. For example, a student in fifth grade in May is considered a sixth grader with us June 1.

Out to Lunch

Casual, summer time to meet for lunch with other students who are going into 5th-8th grades in the fall. Drop off at 11am. Pick up at 12pm. Send money with your child so they can pay for their own meal. Parents welcome to join us!


A three-day local mission trip serving at our IMPACT sites in the Indianapolis area. Great opportunity over spring break for students in 5th-8th grades and their families to make an impact in the lives of people not too far from home.

5678 Tourney Night

This year we are having the 56 NERF Wars on the same night as the 78 Dodgeball tournament. It sounds a little crazy, but will allow all students in 5th-8th grade to have a fun night with friends. Details and registration to come.

Merge Event

Merge is the overnight event we do to help welcome a new incoming class of freshmen to the High School Ministry. Merge is pretty simple…those freshmen are our focus, while the rest of our high school students seek to start friendships, and help answer questions about high school and Engage.

At Merge we play games, have small group time, and spend a lot of time training the incoming freshmen on what high school is like and how they can succeed. Our goal is to help them have a better expectation of what is to come, and how they can manage that and still be involved in the HS ministry.

Merge is a valuable tool to help with the important transition between middle school and high school.

Merge is a free event for all students. We serve them dinner on Friday night as well as snacks, and we also have breakfast on Saturday morning. Students are required to bring their own sleeping bags and a change of clothes.