DDD General Info

Dare Challenges:
Saturday, May 1,
2pm – 8pm
at Your House

Sunday, May 2,


Register Your Team Here

What is this?

Double Dog Dare-a-thon is an exciting event for all students currently in 5th-8th grade. This is a great opportunity for students to invite friends who don’t go anywhere to church to participate in a fun dare challenge on Saturday followed by a big celebration on Sunday.

Saturday Dares

Each student in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade at Mount Pleasant Christian Church should be inviting at least one friend, especially someone who doesn’t go anywhere to church, to be on their team for the event on Saturday, May 1.

Teams are two or three students who each have to currently be in 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. All students on the team do not have to be in the same grade.

Teams can all meet and play together at one person’s house. Or, they can each play from their own house while still being on the same team.

You can start registering your team now! *Keep in mind, your team must be 2-3 students*

Once you are registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with very important details to help you get set up in the GooseChase app and linked to our game.

(Remember: it doesn’t matter how fast you complete the dares. You will not be judged on how soon you submitted your picture. You will be judged on how creatively you accomplished the dare compared to all other submissions.)

Sunday Celebration

We’ll show all the pictures and videos submitted by all the teams Sunday, May 2, at 3:30pm on our YouTube Channel.

Set a reminder for Sunday at 3:30pm and be sure to head over to: YouTube.com/mpcc5678 to watch the celebration!

Cost: FREE!

Items Needed for Dares

  • Internet connection
  • Device with a camera
  • A few other household items (no specific “shopping list” like previous years)