DDD General Info

House Parties:
Saturday, March 14,
5pm – 9pm

Sunday, March 15,
9:15am – 10:20am

What is this?

Double Dog Dare-a-thon is an exciting event for all students currently in 5th-8th grade. This is a great opportunity for students to invite friends who don’t go anywhere to church to participate in a fun dare challenge on Saturday night followed by a big party on Sunday morning.

Saturday Night Dares

Each student in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade at Mount Pleasant Christian Church should be inviting at least one friend, especially someone who doesn’t go anywhere to church, to spend the night at their house, (with both parent’s permission), on Saturday, March 14.

*Due to COVID-19, students who want to participate and are in grades 5-8 may have a teammate who is a sibling or parent if they are not able to have someone join them at their house who is another student in grades 5-8.

You can start registering your team now! *Keep in mind, your team must be 2-3 students and you’ll need a picture of everyone in your team together to submit the registration.*

Once you are registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email, a few important reminders leading up to the event, and the all-important dare links on Saturday, March 14.

Team Registration link: https://form.jotform.com/200508510615141

If you register on or after 5pm on Saturday, March 14, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link and password to the video explaining the first dare. It will also have a link where you submit your photo after completing that dare. Once you do that, you’ll get your next dare video link and password.

This continues until you have completed all eight dares – or until 9pm when the challenge ends. (Remember: it doesn’t matter how fast you complete the dares. You will not be judged on how soon you submitted your picture. You will be judged on how creatively you accomplished the dare compared to all other submissions.)

Sunday Morning Celebration

We’ll show all the pictures submitted by all the teams from their dares Saturday night on Sunday morning, March 15, at 9:15am* in MPCC’s Student Ministries Center. Join us for some games, raffle prizes, teaching and of course…awarding the 3rd-1st place grand prizes for each of the eight dares.

*Due to COVID-19, we will not have the Celebration at the Student Ministries Center. However, we will record the celebration and upload it to our YouTube channel where we will still reveal the top three pictures and teams for each dare, award prizes, and even do a raffle where everyone who participates on Saturday has a chance to win an individual prize!

Set a reminder on Sunday and be sure to head over to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSZ_OLsYCQJMfd6Bn3vsVw to watch the celebration!

Cost: FREE!

(Ok, technically it will cost you a little to have a student spend the night.)

And you do need a few supplies. (see note below)

Items Needed for Dares

  • Shaving cream
  • A bunch of sticky notes
  • A pack of gum
  • Mashed potatoes
  • A few other household items
  • Internet connection
  • Device with a camera
  • Parents to drive students and their friends to the Student Ministries Center on Sunday! Due to COVID-19, the SMC will be closed and no on-site services will be happening for MPCC this weekend.