DDD Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Double Dog Dare-a-thon?

Double Dog Dare-a-thon is a special event to provide students the opportunity to invest in their friends who don’t attend church and bring them to our middle school ministry services!

2. When?

Begins Saturday, May 1, at 2pm.

Team registration link: https://mountpleasantcc.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/838350

Last dare must be completed and photo submitted on Saturday, May 1, by 8pm.

Photos and videos will be shared and winners announced on our YouTube Channel at 3:30pm on Sunday, May 1.

3. How does this work?

Each student invites a friend or two to be on their team.

You can have them meet at one house or they can each play on the same team from their own homes.

At 2pm the students log onto the game on the GooseChase app and begin.

They take a photo or video of themselves completing the dare and submit it through the app. The goal is to do the dare more creatively and better than any other student teams and per usual, act ridiculous.

They can complete as many of the dares or missions as they want until 8pm when the game ends.

On Sunday, we will announce the winners and award prizes at 3:30pm. 

4. What if we have four or more students?

Then you have two or more teams. A team has to have at least two students, but maxes out at three.

However, you can have multiple teams at one person’s house. They just each need their own phone, iPod, tablet, or similar device to use the GooseChase app.

Prizes are awarded to specific teams, not everyone at that house.

5. What do we need?

  • Internet connection
  • Device with a camera
  • A few other household items
  • (There is no “shopping list” like in previous years.)

6. Do students have to be in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade?

Yes. This event is specifically for our 5th-8th grade student ministries. This is only for students currently in these grades. Everyone on the team must be in one of these grades, although they do not all have to be in the same grade.

7. What happens with services this weekend?

We will have our weekly Middle School Ministry services on Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 9:15am.

The game is played on your own. The celebration and prizes are awarded through our YouTube Channel this year.

8. Does each team have to have a student who doesn’t go anywhere to church?

That is the goal and what we are striving to get each student to do. We want them to invite someone who doesn’t go anywhere instead of just inviting friends who already come to MPCC or go to another local church. However, teams won’t be banned or disqualified if they don’t make this happen. But we’d like this to be the exception and only if a student has asked and been turned down by several students.

9. What if my question didn’t get answered?

Just send me an email: Mike Sheley  Please keep in mind that the weekend of the event, we will be very busy so it may take a bit to respond, but I will do the best I can.