May 2021 – Choose Your Adventure

When I, (Mike), was a kid, my favorite section of the library was the shelf with the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Maybe you have read a few yourself.

In these books, when you come to the end of a section, instead of just turning the page, you get to pick which choice you’ll make and that determines where the story goes next. They are a lot of fun for all ages!

With the students who are in 5th-8th graders or 10-14 years old, they are in the process of figuring out their own faith for the first time. When we do one of these “Choose Your Adventure” series, we have two goals:

  1. Help students learn how to search for answers to their own questions with reliable tools and sources.
  2. Help them think through their questions and begin processing possible answers.

Several weeks ago students submitted questions they have and then voted on those questions. We’ll work through some during this series.

We’ll also use those submissions and votes to create video content for our YouTube channel that will be available to students on demand – much like our recent “How to Quickly Find Any Book in the Bible” video.

We really hope that this series – and at times during the year when we repeat this process – will lead to some great family conversations as you help your kids know and follow Jesus.

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