March 2021

Have you ever been lost?

Maybe you wandered away from your parents when you were a kid, took a wrong turn while driving somewhere, or lost track of your friends in a crowd?

It can be scary to realize you’re not sure where you are or how to get home again, and the same thing is true when it comes to our faith.

You and I were created to be close to the God who made and loves us.

But some of us don’t know our Creator yet.

And some of us know Jesus but we wander (or at least we feel) far away from Him.

In this 3-week series, we’ll explore a series of stories Jesus once told about things that were lost and then got found again.

Through those stories, we’ll discover that Jesus notices you, values you, and welcomes you back when you’ve strayed.

Each week, we’ll share the bottom line and a few questions to help keep the conversation going at home. Here’s a point for every week and the bottom line and questions for week 1. (If you are reading this in week 2 or 3, look for those posts with their bottom line and questions.)

Every Week

Remind your 5th-8th grader that they are noticed, valued, welcomed, and loved by God exactly as they are.

March 6/7: Jesus Notices You.

• If you could get lost anywhere in the world, where would you want to get lost?

• What does Jesus’ story about the lost sheep tell us about what God is like?

• What do you think your next step could be on your journey toward Jesus?

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