January 9-15, 2021

Dear Parents,

Last week we launched a new series with our 5th-8th graders, titled HABITS. (Read more here or watch the teaching here.)

Each week, we’re looking at a different habit that will help our students establish healthy patterns as they follow Jesus.

In this second lesson, we will be looking at Hebrews 10:23-25, where the author of Hebrews praised the habit of regularly gathering with other followers of Jesus.

When we go to church, we get to spend time with other followers of Jesus—we encourage each other, we serve together, we worship God together. And ultimately, we go to church because it helps us build a stronger friendship with Jesus.

This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your preteen/young teen about our lesson. Consider building your conversation around these questions:

• What are some ways you’ve experienced church as boring or irrelevant—and what are some ways you’ve experienced it as valuable and enriching?

What would make going to church a better, more meaningful experience for you?

• How is going to church helping you become more like Jesus?

I’m praying that you and your family will have an incredible week!

p.s. How’s the “Hanging out with Jesus” going? Remember we have Bible reading resources here. It’s not about being perfect at the habit. It’s about spending time with the person – JESUS!

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