With this school year, we are shifting from “fifty-six” and “seventy8” into “Middle School Ministry – MSM” with the alternate “mpcc5678”.

“Middle School Ministry” is the better terminology that is easier for verbal communication. Simultaneously “mpcc 5678” clarifies in the numbers which grades this is for more than MSM or middle school ministry would.

Our full-color logos take a new “blue-ish” color scheme that connects them with the overall branding we are seeing across Mount Pleasant Christian Church.

We’ll use the Middle School Ministry (MSM) logo most of the time. It is replacing the old “56” circle and “seventy8” rounded-rectangle. You can read more about it in the language, but these changes go well with where our ministry is heading.

The “MPCC 5678” logos specifically designate us on social media and are used in our profile pictures. This uses so many less characters than spelling out the whole name of the ministry while also allowing us to point to which grades are included, since the terms “middle school,” “intermediate school,” “sixth grade academy”, and “junior high” get tossed around and each mean something a little different.

You’ll be seeing more of both of these logos, in all their variations, and each time . . . you’ll know it’s us!

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