Return to Worship – Phase One

If you haven’t heard already, Pastor Chris announced the “Return to Worship” plan for Mount Pleasant Christian Church in general here.

There will be more information coming from the church as to the specifics of what plans, policies and procedures are going to be in place for this return to worship.

At this initial phase, there will be no children’s or student ministries returning.

However, I wanted to let you know that we are working hard behind the scenes in what we call the “Next Gen” ministries – or everyone who works with nursery through high school students.

We will also be communicating our plans. But at this time, we are waiting for more recommendations and guidelines from the Indiana Governor’s office and from the Department of Education. We are closely monitoring decisions and plans being made by our local school districts.

We hope to have details for you soon on what the next phase looks like when services and programming for children and students resumes, including our services for students going into grades 5-8.

And we also look forward to having our much postponed Parents meeting as well.

But at this point, we can tell you we are working on several different options and will announce specific plans as soon as we are able.

Until then, thank you for helping your kids stay connected through our online services, games, and other gatherings. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in person as soon as we can.

Any questions, please let me know. You can email me at: I will warn you that we won’t be sharing any specifics until we are able to do so. But I am happy to accept any questions or thoughts you may have.


-Mike Sheley, Middle School Pastor

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