5th-8th Grade Weekend Services Change


When We Added a Third Service

In January 2017, Mount Pleasant Christian Church went from one service on Saturdays and two services on Sundays to adding a third service on Sunday mornings.

When this happened, we kept our Saturday service for 5th-8th grade and went from one service on Sunday to two services, one at the 10am time and one at the 11:30am time.

The Four-Service Experiment

During the first five months of that service schedule, we received requests, comments, questions and suggestions from parents that we should also have a service at the 8:45am service time.

So, we decided in June 2017 to add a fourth service at 8:45am to see if all the things we were hearing parents say were true about the large amount of families who would send their students to the 8:45am service.

Small Groups > Convenience 

It turns out that the 8:45am service did work for some families, but not for nearly as many as we had been hearing from. Several used it out of convenience as an option when they had plans where they wanted to be done with church earlier.

Small services aren’t bad. However, we had so few students attending from 5th-8th grade that we could not maintain consistent small groups. 

The most important part of our weekend service is that students participate in a consistent small group made up of ideally eight students of the same gender and grade with a caring, Christian adult.

That requires a minimum number of students showing up consistently to the same service and leaders who do the same. Our leaders were consistent at 8:45, but not enough students were.

This prevented healthy discussion in the midst of a trusting relationship to happen among peers and with a leader. As we evaluated this, we realized we were not accomplishing our goal or doing what is best for these students.

So, after twelve months of experimenting with four services, as of June 2/3, we are going to a three-service format. We will now offer services in the Student Ministries Center for 5th-8th graders on Saturdays at 6pm and on Sundays at 10am and 11:30am.

5th-8th graders who come at the 8:45am service time should attend the main church worship service with their family. However, we highly encourage you to consider adjusting your Sunday morning schedule for the sake of your child to allow him or her to be involved in a small group who will support them and partner with you in helping your child know and follow Jesus.

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