Updated Student Ministries Center Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Designated Drop-Off and Pick-Up Location


The picture above shows our coned-off pavement next to the sidewalk in front of our doors. This is the only place where students should be exiting and entering vehicles on their own.

When our service is done, students wait inside these doors, watching for your vehicle to arrive. When they see you pull up next to the building, they are allowed to exit the building to be picked up.

Students should not be dropped off from the parking lot. And students are not allowed to walk to your car in the parking lot, even if you are parked close or are in the car. We need everyone to pull up to the curb and pick up your child at the doors under the overhang. Whatever the wait is, it is worth it for the safety of your child and others.

Students are only allowed to walk across the street if they walk with our group walking together and only after the 10am service – not at any other service.

Designated Drop-Off Time


And remember, doors open about 20 minutes prior to the start of service, depending on which service you are attending. So please do not leave your child unattended outside these doors while the doors are locked. It is not safe. Wait until the doors are unlocked to drop them off.

If you see the “Doors open at…” sign on the door, like the one above, it means we have not unlocked the doors yet and you need to either stick around and wait with your child or come back when the doors are open.

Designated Pick-Up Time



Our services run on Saturdays from 6:00-7:10pm and on Sundays from 10:00-11:10am and 11:30am-12:40pm. It doesn’t matter if the main church service gets out early or runs late, our service time remains constant. And the biggest and most important part of our service is our time in small groups, which happens during the last 30 minutes of our service.

If you arrive and see this sign on the door, then please remember that our service is not done and the doors are locked for safety until we are done. Please do not bang on the doors or even text your child that you are waiting for them. We will have them ready when our service is done at the times listed above.

If you interrupt their small group time, you are distracting them and the rest of their group from important time building relationships in a small community, studying the Bible and praying.

If you have a reason that you know ahead of time your student will need to leave early, then make sure to let your child’s small group leader or Mike Sheley know as much ahead of time as possible.

If an emergency comes up where you need to pick up your child early, contact Mike Sheley or come to the doors and let the safety officer on duty know who you need to pick up and why.

Island is Not a Second Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location


The island you see in this picture is not a place to pull up and pick up your child after service, nor is it a place to drop them off before service.

I know that sometimes we can get in a hurry with our families, both dropping off and picking up.

However, when students run either way across this island, they are also darting through traffic, causing potential for serious accidents.

If you are in a hurry or just don’t want to wait in the drop-off or pick-up line, please park your car in one of our parking spaces and walk your child up to the doors.

Thank you for helping us keep not only your own child safe, but also all the others who are part of our weekend service and student ministries.

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